Season 7 Artists

Master Series

Jim Brickman Songs at The Center

Jim Brickman


Rodney Crowell Songs at The Center

Rodney Crowell



Brandon Lee Adams Songs at the Center

Brandon Lee Adams

Ep.705 “Docks of Sutters Bay”


Robin August Songs at The Center

Robin August

Ep.704 “Monster”

Ep.710 “All of Our Years”


Suzi Bogguss Songs at the Center

Suzy Bogguss

Ep.704 “Letting Go”

Ep.710 “Hey, Cinderella” and “Nail and Hammer”


Todd Burge Songs at the Center

Todd Burge

Ep.703 “Don’t Water My Whiskey Down”

Ep.709 “Back to the Races” and “I’ll Never Make it Out of Here Alive”


Nellie Clay Songs at The Center

Nellie Clay

Ep.705 “Kind Love”



Eric Gnezda Songs at The Center

Eric Gnezda

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John Gorka

Ep.701 “Love is Our Cross to Bear”

Ep.707 “Blues with A Rising Son” and “I’m From New Jersey”


Sadie Johnson Songs at The Center

Sadie Johnson

Ep.702 “Time to Quit” and “All Night Long”

Ep.708 “Until the End of Time”


Rev. Robert B. Jones, Sr Songs at the Center

Rev. Robert B. Jones

Ep.701 “The Darkness of Blackness” and “I Wrestled with the Angel”

Ep.707 “This Old House”



Keith Larsen

Ep.703 “Double Swig Every Hallelujah”

Ep.709 “At the Foot of Liberty”

Crys Matthews Songs at The Center

Crys Matthews

Ep.703 “Six Feet Apart” and “Written in the Stars”

Ep.709 “Exactly Where You Are”

Barefoot McCoy Songs at The Center

Barefoot McCoy

Ep.702 “Summer in My Soul”

Ep.708 “Still Chasing You” and “The Old Acre Wood”

Alice Peacock Songs at The Center

Alice Peacock

Ep.702 “Free and Wild”

Ep.708 “Bliss”

Amilia K. Spicer with Steve Postell Songs at the Center

Amilia K Spicer

Ep.701 “Windchill”

Ep.707 “Trainwreck

Brandi Sparks Songs at The Center

Brandi Sparks

Ep.705 “I Love You More” and “Larger Than Life”



Alice Wallace and Andrew Sovine Songs at The Center

Alice Wallace

Ep.704 “The Same Old Song”

Ep.710 “The Blue”